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Bundled with the PCRM platform are the company’s superior support and configuration services that serve as an extension of each customer’s business environment and requirements.

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Support and Configuration Services that are bundled with your PCRM license are outlined below.

PCRM Configuration Services

Our Configuration Services offer support in a user acceptance testing environment providing a temporary test environment to test any configuration. Our Support Team works with you to ensure that all items are accepted in the test environment prior to implementing the solution in your production environment.

PCRM Support Services

Rhoads provides both telephone and email support to its user community. Every request is ticketed and assigned to a specialist who in turn contacts the customer to resolve the issue. Additionally, Rhoads has clearly defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) procedures regarding system availability and corrective measures for Critical, High, Medium and Low Priority items. Regardless of priority, Rhoads strives to address each reported issue at the time that it is reported


Typically the PCRM Support Team receives issues and questions via email and telephone. Rhoads ensures that Service Level Agreements for issue resolution are met. Account management reviews all issue requests and acts as an escalation point. Additionally, Rhoads’s Executive Team is available as an escalation point should any issue arise.

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