Rhoads Online

Modernizing How Agencies
Manage Compliance

Rhoads PCRM centralizes and automates
updating all producer credentials in real-time.

Rhoads Online

Get producers selling sooner and driving growth faster with Rhoads Professional Compliance Requirement Management (PCRM) and add-on services for a next-level compliance function and operational efficiencies. Agencies as well as brokers can overcome the many challenges that occur throughout the producer lifecycle–onboarding, renewals, employment, and when a license ends—as well as ones that come from changing state rules and managing a growing number of producers.

Adopting Rhoads producer compliance management streamlines your work and alleviates concerns around the risk of non-compliance and fines.

Rhoads Online Institute
Rhoads Online

Best-in-class agencies and brokers
benefit from our cloud-based solution by:


Centralizing the compliance function and the database that supports it to achieve a single source of producer license information.


Automating processes to handle more producers and licenses, particularly when there’s limited compliance staff.


Achieving quicker onboarding of producers with the proper credentials in every state where they sell.

Rhoads Online Institute

50% Growth

The rate that a Top 5 agency with $1B+ annual revenue expanded the number of licenses it managed using only Rhoads PCRM and their compliance staff of six people.

Our solution for Agencies and Brokers

  • Delivers custom portals to manage communications throughout the entire producer lifecycle.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack.
  • Alerts reduce compliance risk and the related costs.
  • Automates licensing work to ease the burden on your staff and reduce the potential for errors.

Explore our highly scalable solution to modernize your compliance management to centralize, standardize and automate producer credentials. We’ll help you ramp up your capabilities for contracting producers, process and update their licenses, and communicate with all stakeholders, helping you to sell more, sooner.

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