Allister Yu & Diana Ivey Honored at SILA National Conference

Rhoads’ Vice President Allister Yu and Diana Ivey recognized at The SILA National Education Conference 2019

Rhoads Online Institute Vice President Allister Yu and Diana Ivey of Marsh USA Inc. began an informative podcast earlier this year for The Securities and Insurance Licensing Administration (SILA). The podcast, which is sponsored by Rhoads Online, has become a great resource for members of SILA and everyone within the industry. With their expertise and experience, combined with their amazing guests, the podcast has been drawing the attention of over 500 listeners.

At the SILA National Education Conference 2019, their hard work, dedication and commitment to furthering the SILA resources and efforts were acknowledged by the SILA community. Allister and Diana were awarded the Above and Beyond Award for their work on the SILA Speaks podcast.

The podcast focuses on what’s going on at SILA, speaking with great guests that work with Securities and Insurance and getting updates on how you can be more involved with all that SILA is doing. The podcast can be found on iTunes, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify and the SILA Website.

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