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Navigating License Management and
Compliance with Confidence

Rhoads delivers expert managed services
to help you address dynamic licensing processes.

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Rhoads Managed Services team delivers efficient management and compliance that keep you on top of each state’s regulatory rules and processes for producer credentials. Our experts manage your compliance function, aligning your business with the ever-changing processes while providing audit management at a low cost, giving you peace of mind. With the rising complexities and demands on your resources, outsourcing through Rhoads leaves you free to focus on sales and growing your business.

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Rhoads Online

Rhoads expertise in producer
compliance management gives:


Access to talent and experienced people to address questions and situations that arise, reducing the risk of errors and the need to hire additional staff.


Scalability when adding producers and new states.


The advantage of technology and visibility into your data without having to deploy and manage the software.

Rhoads Online Institute


Number of fines levied in 2020 against producers by state insurance departments, totaling $33 million in penalties.

Source: “Insurance Department Resources Report,” National Association of Insurance Commissioners,” September 2021

Our Producer Compliance Managed Services deliver

  • New licensing, as well as renewals and updates.
  • Licensing for producers and adjusters with either resident or non-resident licenses.
  • Affiliation and DRLP management.

Our service answers your compliance concerns, letting you keep your focus on your business.

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Managed Services

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