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Mass appointment and termination services, reconciliation services, name conversions and state license conversions are all value added services Rhoads uses to help companies comply.

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Mass Appointments and Terminations

Mass Appointment and Termination is a service is for carriers to perform mass appointments and terminations of producers. Activities such as merger and acquisitions, changes in business processes or regulatory changes often mean a large number of appointments and terminations that must be performed. Through this service Rhoads can help companies experiencing these business challenges to easily mass appoint, cross-appoint or terminate a large number of producers, thus enhancing productivity as well as saving money on renewal fees.

State Reconciliation Services

State reconciliation services helps carriers ensure that their producer appointment information matches information recorded by the States. This service allows carriers to review and manage their producers reducing their exposure to fines and penalties for non-compliance as well as to terminate for lack of production thus avoiding unnecessary renewal fees.

Name Conversion

Name conversion is a service that reconciles name changes that occur as a result of an acquisition or merger. It provides the ability to change a large number of producer licenses in response to changes in insurance organization names. With this service, carriers, agencies and brokers can communicate the name changes to those affected.

State License Conversion

State License Conversion is a service that reconciles changes in state license regulation requirements. It offers the ability to change a large number of producer licenses that often come about because of changes at the state level in various insurance regulation requirements that effect all the producers and carriers doing business in the state. Through this service Rhoads can help companies with the business challenges of making the newly required compliance regulation insuring the regulations are met and communicating the changes to those affected.

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Offering substantial industry expertise coupled with our flexible cloud-based data repository, PCRM, Rhoads’ highly qualified teams have the experience and knowledge to give you regulatory compliance recommendations and workflows that are tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Rhoads Compliance Services are provided at standard hourly rates or if based on specific customer Statement of Work (SOW), for a fixed project fee.

Please call 212-425-0213 or email us at info(at)rhoadsonline(dot)com to reach one of our highly knowledgeable industry experts and discover how Rhoads is the ideal solution for you.

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